DROMEC sponsors WIND

Seafarers’ charity has been supporting seafarers and their families for over 100 years. WIND, originally a maritime company, is dedicated to supporting their colleagues at sea. DROMEC is proud to support this cause, as our business activities also have a significant focus in the maritime sector.

WIND rents equipment worldwide. DROMEC Winches supplies various winch systems to WIND, which are used, among other things, for guiding a High Voltage Offshore Cable from the carousel. Before a cable layer can set sail with a full carousel, the cable often needs to be spooled onshore. DROMEC Winches has developed a winch system that can guide the cable under tension, ensuring it is neatly placed in the carousel and can be paid out at a later time.

For the Seafarers’ Charity Fund, WIND organized a challenge in the Lake District in England. Participants successfully climbed 24 peaks within 48 hours, covering 33 miles with a 13,000 ft ascent. And they conquered it!



DROMEC Service Worldwide

As the DROMEC Winches team, we take care of on-site commissioning. Our experts are the ultimate support for our customers. With their technical expertise in special winches, we can provide valuable insights in complex situations. Whether there’s a breakdown on land, at sea, or high in the sky, we’re ready to respond. And yes, we may make mistakes from time to time, but we don’t shy away from fixing them! That’s the essence of DROMEC Service worldwide!”

Efficient winch systems for Coreworks

Coreworks is a company specialized in building stages and scaffolding based on steel frames. These are temporary structures for various events. Using a pulling winch system, large tent fabrics or sails can be pulled over the frames. In the past, this was done with a lot of manual labor, but now with the help of an efficient winch system.


Winch system with foot pedal

The winch is attached to a construction vehicle, such as a forklift or telehandler, for Coreworks. One person can operate the winch using foot pedals, allowing their hands to be free to finely and evenly pull or release the rope. The system is very simple to use. The operator wraps the rope around the drum, and on the other end, it is attached to the sail. Through the friction between the rope and the drum and by accelerating with the foot pedal, the person can pull a load of up to 600 kg with just 20 kg of force.

The pulling force of the winch for Coreworks goes up to 1 ton. Since the system is mounted on a construction vehicle, it is highly flexible to use. Despite the immense pulling force, the system can be connected to a regular 230V plug or construction power outlet.


Multifunctional tool

DROMEC Winches has built a good relationship with Coreworks over the past years. With this versatile system, they work together with the customer so that they can reuse this system for every event. It truly is a multifunctional tool that saves a lot of manpower. By using this winch system, Coreworks can efficiently and safely assemble events with less effort and manpower.

DROMEC Winches Supplies Winch System for FLEET CLEANER Delft

FLEET CLEANER Delft specializes in cleaning seafaring vessels in ports such as Rotterdam, focusing on efficiency during the loading and unloading processes. DROMEC Winches has supplied a winch system for the work vessel Thunderbird 4 of FLEET CLEANER, enabling environmentally friendly cleaning of ship hulls.


Umbilical System

Onboard FLEET CLEANER’s work vessel, a crane with a remote-operated robot, known as the ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle), is positioned. This robot is controlled remotely and connected via an umbilical cable to the system provided by DROMEC. Within this umbilical bundle, hydraulic, electrical, and data cables are integrated, along with a wastewater hose, allowing for eco-friendly water discharge. The winch is suitable for ATEX environments, enabling FLEET CLEANER to clean oil and chemical tankers as well.


Mechanical Coupling

DROMEC Winches’ winch system can spool up to 180 meters of umbilical cable. The fully electrically powered system boasts a pulling capacity of 2.5 tons and a holding force of 4.5 tons. The cable can be reeled in at a speed of 30 meters per minute. DROMEC Winches has specially developed a mechanical coupling on the cable guide, which is detachable, allowing FLEET CLEANER to manually adjust the cable. This feature proves particularly useful for the umbilical cable, which may not always maintain a consistent shape.


ATEX Certification

Jan Willem, engineer, explains,
“While this winch system has the size of a container, it is very straightforward to operate with just two buttons on the control panel for speed and winding. All components are ATEX-certified, except for the control unit located below deck. An interesting development is that DROMEC Winches now also develops winches with full ATEX certification, including control units. DROMEC has already developed a wide range of umbilical winch systems, providing us with a diverse selection of models.”