Winches for Van de Gruiter

On behalf of Van de Gruiter we developed a unique set of winches. For the outfitting in the Netherlands a yacht needs to be transported behind a tugboat through a number of sluices. During locking, the tugboat and the yacht cannot fit into the lock simultaneously. For this purpose, DROMEC Winches developed a quadruple winch system on the hull of the yacht.

Quadruple winch system

Using 4 electric mooring winches with a pulling force of 5500 kg on deck 1, the hull is secured before entering the lock. The tugboat passes through the lock. Subsequently, the 70-meter cables with a diameter of 28mm are attached to the bollards in the lock. The 4 winches with controls pull the hull into the lock. After locking, the cables are disconnected and reattached to the tugboat. Similarly, the hull is then pulled back to the tugboat.

Free-wheeling clutch

The 4 winches are identical, they are mirrored at the bow and on either side of the aft deck. The cable is retracted at a speed of 10 meters per minute. The winches are equipped with a manually operated free-wheeling clutch, a crucial requirement for these winches. With a drum in free-wheel mode, the operators on shore can pull the cable to the bollard. And once the cable needs to be released, the drum goes into free-wheel mode. When the cables need to be retracted again, the drum is reconnected to the drive for rewinding.


DROMEC Winches has mounted a frequency-controlled control system on the winches. With a user-friendly handheld controller, the operator can incrementally increase and decrease the speed with push buttons.

Joost Ressing:
‘We have connected a control system to each winch, making it a complete set that is versatile. This way, multiple yachts can be moved over long distances. The collaboration with Van de Gruiter was pleasant, and communication was good on both sides. Despite the tight delivery time, everything worked out well!’

Ingenious winch system

DROMEC Winches has developed an ingenious winch system to safely tilt a high-tech and valuable object for special international transport.

Cees Drost from DROMEC states,

“Within Dromec, we have a dedicated production location where systems for the cleanroom industry are assembled. This space has its own setup in terms of tooling, reflecting the high-quality standards that our company can achieve.”

Specials equipment for DICK&DOOF Curacao

DICK&DOOF has an excellent reputation in all areas of mechanical construction within the energy sector and downstream activities in the oil and gas industry. D&D specializes in transportation, demolition, and construction, serving as an industrial contractor for Royal Dutch Shell in the Caribbean and Latin America. For a project in Suriname, DROMEC Winches developed two winch systems with controls.

Electric winch in frame

The electric winches with a pulling force of 2 tons are used to pull stove pipes at a construction site. The winch systems can also be deployed in storage tanks to move bottom plates. A special ECH-2000 frame with cutouts has been developed for these winches, allowing them to be moved on with a forklift.

Roelof van Urk, DROMEC:
‘We have these winches in stock as standard. We were able to deliver them with frames within 5 weeks. For DICK&DOOF, this quick delivery time was crucial for the Suriname project.’

Efficient winch system

With this plug & play principle, the winch systems can be efficiently used for various tasks. Even in D&D’s future projects, the winches can be deployed internationally for the realization of new constructions.

Manoel da Silva, D&D:
‘Our experience from the purchase process to the delivery from DROMEC has been perfect. Agreements were duly fulfilled!’

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