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Electric Constant Tension Spooling System

  • EPW-340-300-KTPF
  • Torque 13.000 Nm
  • Max. reelweight 30 mT
  • Max. reel dimensions ø 2.500 mm (flange ø) x 2.500 mm
  • Voltage 400V 50Hz or 440V 60Hz 3ph
  • High End remote control
  • CT (Constant Tension) in both directions
  • Manual cable pay out
  • Adjustable max. speed & torque
  • Datalogging
  • High-precision adjustment by optical sensors
  • Easy movable adapter for precise securing en locking of reel
  • Possibility for different axles or axle stubs
  • Footprint can be based on standard container sizes
  • Several options available as: cable spooler device etc.