160 Metric ton electrical spudpole system

DROMEC supplied electric spudpole systeem for DAMEN Shipyards Gorinchem the Netherlands

Together with Damen, a system has been realized in which the safety of the users on board was our highest priority

DROMEC has developed a user-friendly system together with Damen to be able to safely handle 2 spud poles, each with their own weight of approximately 85 metric tons and a length of 30 metres, and to be able to freely change positions on the barge. Each pole can be driven into the ground with 160 tons to anchor the crane barge in a stable way and keep it in position so that the 625 tons crane on the barge can work safely. The system works on the principle of rack and pinion.

Plug & Play system

The 4 spud pole stations are linked to a central control system that monitors and guarded all stations. Each station is equipped with a control console so that the handling and operation of the pole can be done locally and the operator has a direct view of the loading and unloading of the pole.


The main controlsystem runs on a Dromec inhouse developed software platform, on which all safety functions are monitored and guarded.

System specification per station:

  • speeds 2 & 4 m/min
  • workload 80 mT (nominal)
  • peak workload 160 mT (peak)
  • protection class IP67
  • 2x mechanical securing device
  • 2x electromagnetic holding failsafe brake
  • sensors for pole status & position
  • absolute encoders for position monitoring
  • siemens 7 inch comfort panel for alarm and system status display
  • modbus communication with 625 mT crane
  • 4x stainless steel local control cabinet with functions:

– emergency stop
– green LED “System Ready”
– red LED “Alarm”
– push button “pole up”
– push button “pole down”




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