Deep Sea Mining Winch

For Deme Group, Dromec engineered and build this special Recovery winch for Deep Sea Mining ROV (Remotely  Operated Vehicle).

This winch is applied for recovery of ROV during deep sea mining operations. Because of the dimensions and weight of this winch, the assembly & transport is performed by our partner company  De Meyer

Some facts:

  • 5.500 mtr ø 50mm umbilical capacity in 4 layers
  • 25 mT hoisting capacity on 4 layers
  • Nominal speed 25 mtr/min.
  • Outside Dimensions (LxWxH) : 12,6 x 9,0 x 9,30 mtr.
  • Weight: approx 148 mT
  • Dromec’s winch control & monitoring system
  • Heave Compensation
  • Constant Tension
  • Remote controlled by belly pack & ships command center

Is your preferred winch or system not shown?

Special winches, winch systems, (deck) equipment and renewable systems for generating green energy are the ultimate strength of Dromec. Specials are a challenge for our engineers for finding the best price technical solution. The short time between development and realization is also a great strength of our company.