Electric Flyshoot & Twinrig winch system

Dromec developed complete electric Flyshoot & Twinrig winch system for commercial fishery

A fully electric fishing system that enables Flyshoot & Twinrig fishing from one central control console.

  • 2 main winches with powered level winder
  • 1 center winch
  • 2 net roll winches
  • 2 auxiliary winches
  • 1 central control with full color touchscreen with Dromec Control System layout
  • Completely programmed with Dromec Control Software Platform to make the entire set function as one
  • Saving fuel due to high system efficiency and the possibility of feeding back energy during payout of the lines.

Some features:

  • Functionality and layout in accordance with Dromec Control System
    Operation and monitoring all winches at once
  • Flyshoot winch
    Possibility for separate choice: equal force or equal speed
    Possibility for High Speed coasting and limited braking
    Readout force (dynamic), speed and output line length
    Overload warning (force and speed)
    Possibility to change wire diameter
  • Flyshoot level winder
    Exact tracking of flyshoot winch, calibration option
    Readout position of level winder in relation to winch
  • Center winch
    Dynamic force and speed readout
  • Net rolls
    Ability to operate everything separately
    Possibility to link the speeds per set
    Readout force (dynamic) and speed, linked or not
  • Auxiliary winch
    Power and speed readout
  • Joysticks for manual control for each winch

Is your preferred winch or system not shown?

Special winches, winch systems, (deck) equipment and renewable systems for generating green energy are the ultimate strength of Dromec. Specials are a challenge for our engineers for finding the best price technical solution. The short time between development and realization is also a great strength of our company.