Winch system for the highest flagpole in the world

Dromec supplies winch system for the world’s highest flagpole location Cairo Egypt.

Hoisting a flag with a surface area of more than 2,500 m2 in a more than 201 mtr high mast is an interesting challenge. Dromec accepted this challenge and has designed and built a customer-specific system together with Gieco  (Gharably Integrated Engineering Company) from Egypt.

The winch with a capacity of 2mT on layer 6 can hoist or lower the flag at a speed of 17 mtr/min. To spool up and down the 400-metre-long cable with the correct spool pattern, the winch is equipped with a spool guide and pressure roller. The winch is controlled by a frequency controller. To be able to provide support and/or fine-tune the system from the Netherlands, we can log in remotely so that adjustments can be made quickly.

Caïro New Administrative Capital

The location of the flag is Cairo New Administrative Capital. The flagpole is included in the Guinness book of World Records!

Video winchsystem flagpole

To get a good impression of this project, take a look at this short film below.

Guinness World Record

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Our specialists are happy to think along with you about your issue. We devise, build and test in-house for customized solutions for winch systems, including the associated control and software. During the development of this unique flagpole in Egypt, we thought about possibilities at an early stage. No challenge is too crazy for us. We like to work on special projects. Large, but also smaller projects are in good hands with our specialists.

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Our approach…

By listening carefully to the wishes and requirements of our customers, a possible solution quickly emerges in the form of a winch system. Only in combination with the right controls and software a winch will do what the customer has in mind. Realizing this combination is daily work for Dromec. This way you are always in control over your load regardless of the circumstances.