DROMEC Winches over 5 Years of Stable Power Behind Dubai’s Zipline

The longest urban zipline in the world has been built in Dubai Marina. The XLine Dubai Marina reaches heights of up to 170 meters and spans a length of 1 kilometer. Enthusiasts can descend at a speed of 80 km/h, enjoying breathtaking views. DROMEC developed the winch system for setting up this zipline, combining safety and control with an ultra-lightweight design.

Cees Drost, CEO of DROMEC:
“The challenge in installing the zipline lay in the complexity of the dense urban environment, combined with the task of pulling the cable from a high tower to a lower harbor area. Using aids like helicopters or drones was not permitted because the zipline route crosses over a highway, railway, bridge, harbor, and high-rise buildings.”

Modular Winch System

For rigging this tourist attraction atop the Amwaj Towers, DROMEC Winches developed a modular winch system. This system includes an ultra-light spool system combined with a pull-in system with a pulling force of 5 tons. These components were transported in parts via a narrow staircase to the rooftop and installed on-site. Under very precise Constant Tension, the operation commenced, and the heavy steel cable reels were unrolled and pulled upwards. The winch system will be reactivated for zipline maintenance and cable replacement.


The zipline is equipped with strong steel cables capable of withstanding high loads and tensions. The starting platform and the end location are robustly constructed using high-quality materials to ensure safety and stability. The engineering required detailed calculations for cable tension, forces on anchor points, and aerodynamic effects on the riders.

Braking Mechanism

An advanced braking system ensures a smooth and safe stop. The braking mechanism is designed to automatically engage as the rider approaches the end location. With a harness connected to a trolley, the rider glides over the cable. This trolley contains wheels and a redundant safety system to ensure the rider remains safe during the ride.


The combination of advanced technology and safety features makes the XLine Dubai Marina one of the most innovative ziplines in the world. The zipline has two parallel lines starting from the Amwaj Towers, allowing two riders to glide simultaneously. This not only increases capacity but also enhances the experience with a unique view of the Dubai skyline and the marina!

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