DROMEC Winches develops 3 electric winch systems

Ampelmann delivers safe and efficient offshore access solutions to the global offshore energy sector. Its portfolio of modular and energy efficient gangways is tailored to meet every local and global demand, providing reliable and consistent access to offshore installations in a variety of sea states and weather conditions. In collaboration with the engineers at DROMEC Winches, Ampelmann has developed 3 electric energy-efficient winch systems.

Energy Efficiency

Ampelmann previously used hydraulic transfer systems, employing a big power pack to operate cylinders and hydraulic hoisting winches. In this era of sustainability and energy conservation, Ampelmann approached the engineers at DROMEC Winches to jointly devise a more sustainable solution. This led to the electrification of 3 winch systems, resulting in a net consumption of 10% related to the previous big power pack, a significant reduction compared for the 31-meter-long gangway.

Kees-Jaap van Nes, Senior Project Manager at Ampelmann, says,
“I am very satisfied with our collaboration with Dromec. It’s a great product developed through excellent teamwork.”

Crane Hoisting Winch

The offshore vessel navigates to the wind turbine for various maintenance and operations tasks. An electric hoisting winch installed at the tip of the gangway enables the gangway to function as a crane. With a high nominal load, tools are hoisted to the wind turbine. To reduce weight, this winch is predominantly constructed with lightweight components. This upgrade allows the crane to transfer more equipment with a peak speed.

Telescopic Winches

The gangway features a telescopic extension system with 2 winch systems, each capable of exerting a powerful force. This system is fully redundant for safety and operational reliability. Operating under constant tension, the entire system is heavily utilized, even in seas with a significant wave height of 3.5 meters. With a peak speed, the gangway can extend and retract using the winch system.

Height Adjust Winch

At the base of the offshore vessel, there is a large winch, which raises the entire gangway to the required height. Powered by dual motors, the gangway can be lifted 15 meters. The redundancy of dual motors ensures operational reliability. It is possible to position the gangway using a single motor at a lower speed if needed.

Geerart, an engineer at DROMEC, says,
“With Ampelmann, we truly reach an optimum solution. We understand the technical aspects together and are capable of collaboratively improving for the future. The transition from hydraulic to electric power has significantly reduced energy consumption. Our alignment in terms of system control is also remarkable. There is mutual appreciation, and based on this initial design of the upgraded winch systems, more innovations will follow.”

DROMEC Constant Tension machines

DROMEC Constant Tension machines are known for their multifunctional spooling capabilities. These machines find applications in various market sectors, ranging from spooling and unspooling electrical cables to winding heavy tow wires for offshore vessels. Over the years, DROMEC has developed a diverse range of winches in terms of power and size.

Electric Drive

What makes DROMEC special is the deliberate transition to exclusively using electrically powered systems a few years ago.

According to Cees Drost,
“This transition has brought DROMEC two significant advantages. Firstly, we have reduced environmental impact by eliminating diesel emissions. Secondly, our machines can be controlled with much greater precision, allowing even highly sensitive umbilical wires to be spooled without risk, thanks to integrated data logging. Furthermore, our system offers the capability to generate electricity during the project itself. These machines are often employed in opposite position to other winches or reels, where customers require specific tension requirements. During spooling, we can switch the motor to act as a braking dynamo. This not only results in emissions savings but also energy savings, especially in situations where work is predominantly carried out indoors. In the absence of a power source at a project site, there is always the option to activate a small and energy-efficient generator, a requirement in less than 5% of projects.”


DROMEC primarily sees these machines being used in markets such as rigging companies, where long lengths are converted into customer-specific lengths for both steel and fiber ropes. Another application involves replacing steel cables on cranes and pile drivers, where old wires are first spooled onto an empty reel before the new or clean cable is wound under tension on the machine. DROMEC spooling machines are also widely used for wire inspection. In this process, wires are degreased, inspected, re-greased, and immediately spooled under tension on the winch, all in a single back-and-forth motion.


Upon request, DROMEC Winches can offer more extensive customer-specific features, such as Active Heave, line measurement, high-speed capabilities, or specific pulling forces. DROMEC spooling machines vary in pulling force, with the smallest machine having a pulling force of 60 kg, and the largest machine exerting a pulling force of 42 tons (at the core). For newly developed spooling machines, two essential parameters are always considered: the maximum weight of the reel within the machine and the desired pulling force. At DROMEC we are always up for this challenge!

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