DROMEC Winches supplies spooling machines to Euro Rope Netherlands

In the lively European spring atmosphere, the cheerful yellow of Euro Rope On & Offshore Equipment & Services brings a smile to the faces of the technicians at DROMEC Winches, a leading supplier of spooling machines. Euro Rope, based in Vlaardingen, is a leading total supplier in the field of Heavy Lift / Rigging Equipment, with a global reputation and operations.

Spoolingmachines for constant tension

The spooling machines from DROMEC Winches enable operators to spool cables under Constant Tension at any desired location. Specifically for Euro Rope, these spooling machines are designed with a maximum reel weight of 60 tons and a pulling force of 15 tons, equipped with an electric drive on a right-angle gearbox. To enable transport by land and sea, the dimensions of the system are precisely designed to fit the dimensions of a standard 20-foot container frame, with integrated equipment and controls in a cabinet, including space for other materials.

Multifunctional coupling

DROMEC Winches has developed two robust, fully electric spooling machines for Euro Rope, with the latest version featuring variable shafts that can be adjusted based on reel dimensions and weights. While the standard operates with a diameter of 80mm, Euro Rope offers flexibility in sizes ranging from 80mm to 200mm, making the machine highly multifunctional and adaptable to various needs.

Advanced control

Special control software has been developed by DROMEC Winches for the spooling machine, allowing each operator to easily regulate the force on the cables accurately. Rens Haagsma, engineer at DROMEC Winches, praises Euro Rope as a valued customer to work with due to their quick response time, enthusiasm about the design, and valuable practical experience that often leads to innovations and improvements.
With the delivery of these advanced spooling machines to Euro Rope Vlaardingen, DROMEC Winches continues to be a key player in providing innovative solutions for the lifting industry, while Euro Rope strengthens its position as a leading supplier of lifting equipment.

EuroRope Netherlands: a leading force in on- and offshore, wind, and renewable sector

Euro Rope Netherlands has established itself as a leading player in the On- and Offshore, Wind, and Renewable sector, with a focus on sustainability and customer orientation. With clients such as Huisman, Jumbo, Rolldock, Cadeler, Boskalis, van Oord, Fred Olsen, and more, Euro Rope Netherlands is known for its reliability and safety.

Extensive fleet of cablespooling machines up to 350 reel weight available

With a growing reputation for expertise and reliability, Euro Rope Netherlands boasts an impressive fleet of over 20 cable spooling machines deployed worldwide, supported by well-trained staff.

Global deployability with trained personnel

Thanks to the extensive fleet of cable spooling machines, Euro Rope Netherlands can offer services globally, meeting the needs of clients worldwide. The well-trained personnel of Euro Rope Netherlands are ready to carry out complex operations with the highest degree of accuracy and safety.

A partner in safety and reliability

Euro Rope Netherlands is not only a supplier of lifting equipment and cable spooling machines up to 350t reel weight but also a partner dedicated to providing safe and reliable solutions for the challenging conditions of the On- and Offshore industry. With ongoing investments in high-quality equipment and personnel, Euro Rope Netherlands remains a trusted name for clients worldwide.


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