Series of winch systems for Joloda Hydraroll

Joloda Hydraroll is an expert in loading and unloading solutions for aviation and road transport. DROMEC Winches has developed an electric tugger winch with control system for heavy cargo at locations including Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam and numerous other logistics service providers around airports throughout Europe.

Electric winch

In the warehouses where the system is deployed, air cargo pallets arrive by airplane or truck. Joloda Hydraroll provides a wide range of roller conveyor systems specifically designed for air cargo transport, both in trucks and in warehouses where the air cargo is further processed. In cases of heavy cargo, or when it is stuck in the truck, a specially developed winch is used to pull out the cargo with a maximum pulling force of 1000 kg. This allows even the heaviest loads, up to 6,800 kg, to be easily moved over Joloda’s roller conveyor systems.

René Kobussen, project manager at Joloda:
‘The special winches from DROMEC are a perfect fit for our application. The ease of use is highly appreciated by almost all of our customers. Moreover, with the regulated power build-up of the winch, every load can be moved very controlled, which benefits the user-friendliness for cargo, equipment, and the operator! The DROMEC winches are an indispensable addition to our manual roller conveyor system concept! DROMEC, our partner in lightening air cargo loads!”

Freewheel clutch and control

The winch with control system is small, powerful, and equipped with a freewheel clutch so that the operator can manually release the cable. Once the operator has hooked the load, the clutch is closed again and the winch can start pulling. DROMEC Winches provides a 2.2 kWh controlled control system with this system that can be powered from a 230V wall socket. With this application, the system can also be used in locations where no power supply is available.

Joost Ressing, sales at DROMEC:
“We have already delivered more in this cargo handling market, but with this project for Joloda, we have realized a special version. With this winch system, a load can be moved horizontally at any desired location or airport. The model has been completely adapted to Joloda’s requirements with a vertical motor, screen cover over the drum, and the spiral cord between the hand pendant and the control box. This makes it a compact and usable system for every operator.”

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