DROMEC Winches develops 3 electric winch systems

Ampelmann delivers safe and efficient offshore access solutions to the global offshore energy sector. Its portfolio of modular and energy efficient gangways is tailored to meet every local and global demand, providing reliable and consistent access to offshore installations in a variety of sea states and weather conditions. In collaboration with the engineers at DROMEC Winches, Ampelmann has developed 3 electric energy-efficient winch systems.

Energy Efficiency

Ampelmann previously used hydraulic transfer systems, employing a big power pack to operate cylinders and hydraulic hoisting winches. In this era of sustainability and energy conservation, Ampelmann approached the engineers at DROMEC Winches to jointly devise a more sustainable solution. This led to the electrification of 3 winch systems, resulting in a net consumption of 10% related to the previous big power pack, a significant reduction compared for the 31-meter-long gangway.

Kees-Jaap van Nes, Senior Project Manager at Ampelmann, says,
“I am very satisfied with our collaboration with Dromec. It’s a great product developed through excellent teamwork.”

Crane Hoisting Winch

The offshore vessel navigates to the wind turbine for various maintenance and operations tasks. An electric hoisting winch installed at the tip of the gangway enables the gangway to function as a crane. With a high nominal load, tools are hoisted to the wind turbine. To reduce weight, this winch is predominantly constructed with lightweight components. This upgrade allows the crane to transfer more equipment with a peak speed.

Telescopic Winches

The gangway features a telescopic extension system with 2 winch systems, each capable of exerting a powerful force. This system is fully redundant for safety and operational reliability. Operating under constant tension, the entire system is heavily utilized, even in seas with a significant wave height of 3.5 meters. With a peak speed, the gangway can extend and retract using the winch system.

Height Adjust Winch

At the base of the offshore vessel, there is a large winch, which raises the entire gangway to the required height. Powered by dual motors, the gangway can be lifted 15 meters. The redundancy of dual motors ensures operational reliability. It is possible to position the gangway using a single motor at a lower speed if needed.

Geerart, an engineer at DROMEC, says,
“With Ampelmann, we truly reach an optimum solution. We understand the technical aspects together and are capable of collaboratively improving for the future. The transition from hydraulic to electric power has significantly reduced energy consumption. Our alignment in terms of system control is also remarkable. There is mutual appreciation, and based on this initial design of the upgraded winch systems, more innovations will follow.”

Winches for Van de Gruiter

On behalf of Van de Gruiter we developed a unique set of winches. For the outfitting in the Netherlands a yacht needs to be transported behind a tugboat through a number of sluices. During locking, the tugboat and the yacht cannot fit into the lock simultaneously. For this purpose, DROMEC Winches developed a quadruple winch system on the hull of the yacht.

Quadruple winch system

Using 4 electric mooring winches with a pulling force of 5500 kg on deck 1, the hull is secured before entering the lock. The tugboat passes through the lock. Subsequently, the 70-meter cables with a diameter of 28mm are attached to the bollards in the lock. The 4 winches with controls pull the hull into the lock. After locking, the cables are disconnected and reattached to the tugboat. Similarly, the hull is then pulled back to the tugboat.

Free-wheeling clutch

The 4 winches are identical, they are mirrored at the bow and on either side of the aft deck. The cable is retracted at a speed of 10 meters per minute. The winches are equipped with a manually operated free-wheeling clutch, a crucial requirement for these winches. With a drum in free-wheel mode, the operators on shore can pull the cable to the bollard. And once the cable needs to be released, the drum goes into free-wheel mode. When the cables need to be retracted again, the drum is reconnected to the drive for rewinding.


DROMEC Winches has mounted a frequency-controlled control system on the winches. With a user-friendly handheld controller, the operator can incrementally increase and decrease the speed with push buttons.

Joost Ressing:
‘We have connected a control system to each winch, making it a complete set that is versatile. This way, multiple yachts can be moved over long distances. The collaboration with Van de Gruiter was pleasant, and communication was good on both sides. Despite the tight delivery time, everything worked out well!’

DROMEC Constant Tension machines

DROMEC Constant Tension machines are known for their multifunctional spooling capabilities. These machines find applications in various market sectors, ranging from spooling and unspooling electrical cables to winding heavy tow wires for offshore vessels. Over the years, DROMEC has developed a diverse range of winches in terms of power and size.

Electric Drive

What makes DROMEC special is the deliberate transition to exclusively using electrically powered systems a few years ago.

According to Cees Drost,
“This transition has brought DROMEC two significant advantages. Firstly, we have reduced environmental impact by eliminating diesel emissions. Secondly, our machines can be controlled with much greater precision, allowing even highly sensitive umbilical wires to be spooled without risk, thanks to integrated data logging. Furthermore, our system offers the capability to generate electricity during the project itself. These machines are often employed in opposite position to other winches or reels, where customers require specific tension requirements. During spooling, we can switch the motor to act as a braking dynamo. This not only results in emissions savings but also energy savings, especially in situations where work is predominantly carried out indoors. In the absence of a power source at a project site, there is always the option to activate a small and energy-efficient generator, a requirement in less than 5% of projects.”


DROMEC primarily sees these machines being used in markets such as rigging companies, where long lengths are converted into customer-specific lengths for both steel and fiber ropes. Another application involves replacing steel cables on cranes and pile drivers, where old wires are first spooled onto an empty reel before the new or clean cable is wound under tension on the machine. DROMEC spooling machines are also widely used for wire inspection. In this process, wires are degreased, inspected, re-greased, and immediately spooled under tension on the winch, all in a single back-and-forth motion.


Upon request, DROMEC Winches can offer more extensive customer-specific features, such as Active Heave, line measurement, high-speed capabilities, or specific pulling forces. DROMEC spooling machines vary in pulling force, with the smallest machine having a pulling force of 60 kg, and the largest machine exerting a pulling force of 42 tons (at the core). For newly developed spooling machines, two essential parameters are always considered: the maximum weight of the reel within the machine and the desired pulling force. At DROMEC we are always up for this challenge!

Multifunctional Dinamic Oil winches in stock at DROMEC winches

DROMEC winches is a leader in the field of winches. With a strong team of engineers, DROMEC winches develops various customerspecific projects per week. A committed family business that can realize a system from application to end product in a short period of time. In this context, DROMEC winches works together with highquality partners.

In the field of hydraulic, compact winches, Dinamic Oil is a reliable supplier.  DROMEC winches has a large stock, so that we can help the customer quickly and accurately in case of malfunction and damage. This small functional ‘liftingmate’ is also often used in newbuild projects.


The Dinamic Oil winch is used in various sectors as Inland shipping as a car crane winch, but also on trucks and compact cranes. The jib equipped with a winch is widely used on telehandlers, maritime- and offshore cranes. But also for agricultural mechanization, forestry and tree nurseries, the winch is a popular. At DROMEC winches, the service technicians also think along with you about the necessary accessories such as safety hooks, lifting blocks or cable that has been spooled under the right pres-tension.

Dromec further expands sales network to Brazil

Dromec and the Brazilian company Underwater Transmission start a collaboration!

Dromec further expands sales network to Brazil by starting a collaboration with company Underwater Transmission.

As Dromec we are very happy to report that Mr. Rodrigo Fonseca has become a member of the Dromec family. In his role as Application and Operations Manager, Rodrigo will be an extension for the Dromec organization in Brazil.
For all winch related issues, questions, RFQ’s, project etc. you can contact him on e-mail: rodrigo@underwatertransmission.com

We wish Rodrigo all the best and we look forward to a long-term cooperation.

Custom EWA-650-KB anchorwinch

This week we again supplied an EWA-650-KBV wire anchorwinch. Due to the onboard situation, the requirement was to position the winch directly near the living area, to realise extra free deck space.

Because of this a modification to the bandbrake handle was needed. Now the handle points horizontally forward instead of the standard vertical position.
Also a 35 x 7 non rotating cable is spooled on the drum with right pre-tension. This cable is equipped with an open spelter socket to make anchor assembly quite easy.

Are you looking for a standard anchor winch or are you looking for a special execution? Dromec provides a solution!

Hydraulic tugger winches for Herman SR. BV

Recently Dromec supplied two hydraulic tugger winches of type HPV-12000 to company Herman SR. BV.

Herman SR. BV supplies workboats including crew for all kind of maritime projects. Both  HPV-12000 (12 mT on layer 1) as the 15 mT variant, HPV-15000 are available from stock.

The winches are characterized by a solid and compact design and cable capacity of 104 mtr. In 5 layers. Winches are equipped with a disc braken and brake valve and plug and play to use.

As surface treatment, a 3-layer offshore coating RAL9005  is applied. Nice to see that also Dromec’s  cable spooling machine type DPW-750 is in use!

Dromec wishes Herman SR. BV many safe and pleasant jobs.

Compact, safe and powerful winches

In recent years, we supplied several winches to our customer Waternet Amsterdam. De winches on the photo’s where supplied in 2019 and are used as couple & mooring winches.

In that time, the customer required powerfull and safe winches with minimal impact on shipdesign and free deckspace.

Because outgoing cables run below deck and are completely covered, a safe working environment is created.

Recently we replaced new stainless steel drum covers.

Dromec designed and build special cable spooling machine for DEME

In the field of spooling machines, Dromec already designed and built many different versions however, this EPW-750-400-KTPF was special again.

This so called “Electric Constant Tension System” can work in a forcerange between 7 and 17 mT and can handle a reelweight of 40 mT !

Via Dromec’s wired full color  HMI,  the operator has realtime information about adjusted and realtime speed and torque values on each specific cable layer.

This spooling machine will be applied on board of Deme’s Spartacus for rewinding the winches with new steel cables under the right pre-tension. Because of the special design, the cable can leave the machine at several locations so all ships winches can be reached while the machine itself can remain in 1 fixed location.

UFO restaurant Rotterdam

During a weekend trip in Rotterdam,  I came across an old acquaintance of Dromec in the magazine “Inside Rotterdam” namely the UFO restaurant.

In this unique restaurant you can dine at a height of 42 meters and while the floor rotates slowly, you have a 360 degree view of the Rotterdam skyline. Dromec designed and built the top section of this tower.

The top section houses 4 Dromec hydraulic HPH-20000 winches, controls and the hydraulic power packs to raise and lower the restaurant in a safe and comfortable way  .

This project shows Dromec’s strength, namely providing turnkey customer specific solutions.

Customer-specific: EWH-700-VE winches

In mobile applications is quite often 24Vdc available. For this, Dromec also supplies customer-specific winch solutions such as these EWH-700-VE winches.

With a capacity of 700 kg on first layer @ 5 mtr/min, these winches are used in mobile hoisting application during construction of houses. On these winches a 24Vdc IP55 brake motor is applied, that is powered over a DC controller by crane’s  own batterypackage.

Winches are supplied including  20 mtr RunnerTwin Tec Dyneema fiber rope.

Dinamic Oil T27 recovery winches

For an application in internal transportation, Dromec supplied 2 pcs of Dinamic Oil T27 so called recovery winches.

These winches are standard equipped with manual release lever to switch the winch drum in freewheel. Besides that these winches can be supplied with cable guide rollers, cable pressure roller and pneumatic freewheel switch.

Together with these winches, we supplied 2x 22 mtr ø 12mm DynaOne rope including 2 pcs safety hooks.

Contact us for more information about Dinamic Oil winches.

Working together on a safe and effective working environment. It’s the absolute team effort !

From small winch to complex custom solutions. Our team is specialized and certified and has gained an enormous amount of experience.

DROMEC winches. Your movement in good hands.

Dynamic and Innovative in winches, winchsystems, controls and software. With our enthousiastic team, we develop  from small till  very big & complex systems with the highest demands in terms of safety and ease of use. We also work very closely with certified body’s as DNVGL, BV, ABS, Lloyds so your winches and systems can be completely certified at our own company together with you.

It often starts with a good idea, preferably on a piece of scrap paper. After an initial consultation, we prepare one or more proposals, including a target price and preliminary drawing. Your idea or problem, always remains central in this. If the feeling on both sides is good, we start. Thanks to our own inhouse developed and written project software, your project stays in the picture and under control from start to finish, including the planning and delivery time. We are LloydsRegister ISO 9001 certified.