Efficient winch systems for Coreworks

flexible pulling winch for events

Coreworks is a company specialized in building stages and scaffolding based on steel frames. These are temporary structures for various events. Using a pulling winch system, large tent fabrics or sails can be pulled over the frames. In the past, this was done with a lot of manual labor, but now with the help of an efficient winch system.


Winch system with foot pedal

The winch is attached to a construction vehicle, such as a forklift or telehandler, for Coreworks. One person can operate the winch using foot pedals, allowing their hands to be free to finely and evenly pull or release the rope. The system is very simple to use. The operator wraps the rope around the drum, and on the other end, it is attached to the sail. Through the friction between the rope and the drum and by accelerating with the foot pedal, the person can pull a load of up to 600 kg with just 20 kg of force.

The pulling force of the winch for Coreworks goes up to 1 ton. Since the system is mounted on a construction vehicle, it is highly flexible to use. Despite the immense pulling force, the system can be connected to a regular 230V plug or construction power outlet.


Multifunctional tool

DROMEC Winches has built a good relationship with Coreworks over the past years. With this versatile system, they work together with the customer so that they can reuse this system for every event. It truly is a multifunctional tool that saves a lot of manpower. By using this winch system, Coreworks can efficiently and safely assemble events with less effort and manpower.

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